Present: not a selfie

Empty rocking chair by a window
The photographer is present in the photo, and so are you

I am present
in this photo
of an empty chair

I am still
steady and enduring
not rocking

I am the eye
that sees
an oddness, a beauty

and presents it
in a frame
to you

now you
are present

pic and poem by rachel mcalpine
daily prompt for Daily Post

Advanced self-defence: infallible strategy

small-barbies-RomitaGirl67 ccby2.0

Advanced self-defence

If a zombie comes up the toilet
you can whisk off and fight it,
because you know the steps.

Put some Barbie dolls in a row
because zombies hate Barbie dolls.
They’re afraid they’ll chomp them.

You can also shine a light at zombies.
It injects them
and they die.

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Photo by RomitaGirl67 CC BY 2.0.