The last rays of the sun
polish that old lady’s

Poem by Rachel McAlpine CC BY-NC 2.0, photo by Gideon on Flickr CC BY 2.0

Singlets of the world


Singlets of the world

Dowdiest of nana-wear
your singlet clings to your lonely skin
your worried skin

you tuck it in
you barely feel it but you know it’s there for you
working full time for you

benign meniscus
keeping chills and death at bay
saving the hurts of the world for another day

Poem and photo by Rachel McAlpine CC BY-NC 2.0



Fashion sculptor


Fashion sculptor

Bodies are your block of stone
you insert a corset
sucking and squeezing
excess to a better place

Sir surgeon sir
excuse me
oozing very small
very soft

very deep within my dress
very thin
very flesh
I mean your dress

Poem and photo by Rachel McAlpine CC BY-NC 2.0