Morning feet


of tai chi feet
and icy tiles

of round on flat
of dry on wet
of soft on rock
of pink on black

A single moon
lopsliding off
to let the morning in

– – – – – – – – – –

Rachel McAlpine 2016


Seat on the board


I told my admirer that men are abundant.
I told him explicitly he was redundant.
I gave him the sack
but he simply came back
and expected a seat on the board.

I asked if he fancied an early retirement.
He said, I believe it’s a basic requirement.
He took me to bed
and seductively said,
I’m expecting a seat on the board.’

He’s easy to hire, he’s harder to fire.
I can’t afford him but still I adore him.
Should I give him a seat on the board?

He blithely agreed that I ought to retrain him
but soon I discovered I couldn’t restrain him.
He entered a bid
for my heart and my id
including a seat on the board.

I had to acknowledge the man had ambition.
I tried to remove him by subtle promotion.
He wanted a share
and it seemed only fair
to give him a seat on the board.

I’ve met many shyer but none I admire.
I’m quick to demote and I’m slow to promote
but I gave him a seat on the board…
I gave him a seat on the board.

– – – – – –

Rachel McAlpine