The transmigration of poems—end of a shy little poetry blog


Stone lion, hedge, and water irises
A stone lion. A hedge. Ephemeral irises. Tiny green frogs in hiding. Poems.

Shortly this blog will disappear. I like the thought of poems as balloons. Now they will all go pop or waft into another sphere, leaving nothing but lions and irises and little green frogs. Poems have a life. I’m letting these ones go: letting go is a talent that I hope to master.

You and I have shared this mental space, but we never owned it. Now the lease has ended.

I’ve loved posting poems on this shy little blog but it’s time to stop. I’ve been so happy to know that you, dear reader, have stumbled on one of my poems now and then, and sometimes followed up.

However, my besetting sin is accumulating websites. I never run out of ideas, and I  tend to forget that every idea does not require a website or app or  thingamejig.

This is not goodbye. My main website is Write Into Life, and there you’ll usually find a poem embedded in a podcast episode.

A lovely way to enjoy my poems is one-on-one. In my podcast, How To Be Old, I speak them quietly into your ear. It’s personal. Let’s meet there, soon. Otherwise I’ll miss you.

For starters, just follow and find your way from there.

Talk soon!


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