Adjustable desk top in plywood
Adjustable desk top made in New Zealand. Relevance to the poem—you decide!

We were taught
to cross our ankles
not our knees
when seated
for reasons
of aesthetics
and decorum.

A lesson lost
on all today
apart from
and models.

Poem and pic by Rachel McAlpine CC BY 2.0. Now why did I choose that photo…

4 thoughts on “Ankles

  1. I remember practicing this skill! My mother sent my sister and I to charm school classes one summer. We walked with books on our heads, practiced sitting with our ankles crossed and our backs straight, and walking gracefully like a lady. In the late 60’s I modeled and the way we walked across the runway had a specific style and rhythm. And then things changed as we gals threw caution to the wind! We tossed our bras and wore jeans and forgot Miss Manners. And yet, even to this day, if I’m in a dress I still cross my legs at the ankles. It just looks more graceful. Then again, I suppose It could be because My generation was conflicted being part hippie and part Donna Reed. 😉 I enjoyed your poem!

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