Jerome at the gym
said yesterday
I saw a little old lady
crossing the street
with her shopping trolley
and then I thought
that’s not a little old lady
that’s Rachel…
that was Jerome
at the gym
you know
the trainer

Pic and poem by rachel mcalpine

6 thoughts on “IDENTITY

  1. That gave me a chuckle. I used to work out with a mad Russian who trained one of our leading boxers. He forgot I was 50+. Ten years later, I wish he was still part of my life. All the bits that he forced me to tone have now run to fat 🙂


      1. He was! And I know I can do it again if I had the will. I suspect part of the problem is that I have done the yo-yo between fitness and indulgence for so many years that I know I will end up throwing the towel in yet again . . . so why start? Faulty thinking, I realise that 🙂

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