Fashion sculptor


Fashion sculptor

Bodies are your block of stone
you insert a corset
sucking and squeezing
excess to a better place

Sir surgeon sir
excuse me
oozing very small
very soft

very deep within my dress
very thin
very flesh
I mean your dress

Poem and photo by Rachel McAlpine CC BY-NC 2.0


10 thoughts on “Fashion sculptor

  1. A very nice poem . And gotta say , a very unique poem as well. It. Was indeed interesting, anyways. Where people write orthodox poems, you have written a very unique poem, which in fact has worked very well for you. I too have a blog […] please visit and comment . Hopefully you will soon…..

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    1. Thank you, Nikesh. Your poems also are stamped with your personality, which is always an excellent thing. I don’t print URLs in comments, because that brings spam. But don’t worry, everyone can discover your blog just by clicking on your photo or profile. Carry on writing!


      1. Nikesh, this sort of question is not really considered polite. People will quietly visit your blog and if they like a particular poem, they will click the Like button. Trust readers to do this without asking. I’m not offended, but I thought I should share this point of etiquette.


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