The fog


she loves her agile mind
and dreads the fog
fervently she favours
blueberries and kefir
and push-ups and planks
and tiny meals

she has a project
and a thousand friends
she dreads the fog

poem and pic by rachel mcalpine, cc by 2.0, Daily Post one-word prompt: Agile

La-la land

hang in there
old lady–
deny defy
the rising tide
with flaky lipstick
on your sills


Pic’npoem rachel mcalpine cc by 2.0

Healthy Things


I should never be sick
’cause we have Healthy Things
(says Ruby).

They’re little tiny small things
and they’re a lion. Here, I’ll draw one for you.
There are arrows pointing to their tummy,
with skin dots, pale, very hard to see.

You should always have one a day
so you don’t get sick.
Well, I’ve got the hiccups inside my tummy
so I should have had more.

They taste like — how can I describe it?
Say you were cooking a Healthy Thing
and you just needed two ingredients:
an orange and some salt.

You squeeze out the juice and mix it up,
pour it into a salt bowl
and it turns into a a Healthy Thing.
Hm, how can I describe it?

It tastes like lemon with sour salt.
They’re called Healthy Things
because they’re Healthy
and because they’re Things.


Rachel McAlpine

Advice from Ruby, aged 4 or 5