World: just the words


For the first time, I’ve just recorded a poem for this blog, Poems in the Wild. But it’s not a poem, it’s a song, spoken, so it sounds kind of strange. This is one of the songs in Shaky Places, which will be performed on Saturday 12 November in Auckland by the Auckland Youth Choir. (Yay, by the way!) I can’t rightly record any of the other lyrics in Shaky Places, which is a suite of New Zealand poems set to music by Felicia Edgecombe — they’re wonderful, but not mine own. Luckily, World is what it’s all about.

Now, how do I do this…?

Recording of World, written and read by Rachel McAlpine

Oh, I did it. My iPhone SE, Griffin’s iTalk app, iTunes, and WordPress made that so easy, I may do it again some day. Better, I hope.




Very Good Work


(a work in progress)

All I recall
of the classrooms
is being small
and sky
through giant windows
and giant trees outside
and a ban
on chatter.

All I recall
of school reports
is “Rachel could do better”
(how did they presume
to know?)
and “Rachel
talks too much.”

When I found
those old reports
all I saw
was “Captain of the B Team”
and “very good
very good very good.”
Why didn’t anybody

poem by rachel mcalpine CC BY 2.0 photo of Christchurch Girls High School old building in public domain