Youth is juice

Children dancing at the Awaodori Festival: photo by Miki Yoshihito cc-by-2.0 via Flickr

Youth is juice
youth is couth
and jumble
and youth
is jig-a-jig-jig.

From Senior Poems by Rachel McAlpine 


The understudy


My monkeys have been teaching me
a rock dance
(says Ruby).

I am going to make the costume
a bit big
in case I am sick.

If I was sick
you could paint your face
and pretend to be me.

You could change your voice
into a beautiful voice
like mine.

I will teach you the moves.
Just bend your knees a bit.
You have to bend your knees anyway!

You can take my replacement.
The costume might be a bit small
but I promise it will fit you comfortably.


Rachel McAlpine

Advice and coaching from Ruby, aged 5