Thesaurus 355

Thesaurus 1982 edition with glasses, Time Timer, paperweight and three owls
Roget’s Thesaurus 1982 edition still in use

from bubble to cloud
from surf to souffle
to fermentation and fizz

in the sea on a screen
on a plate in the sky
in bottle and brain

this froth has kissed me well
and will do still
when lather turns to mist

poem & pic rachel mcalpine cc by 2.0
A good thesaurus does not simplify the hunt for a word: the hunt is an experience in itself, complicating, elaborating, elevating and mocking your earnest wish to get it right.
Daily prompt for The Daily Post, 9 Feb 2018: Simplify


Organic gardener tending her plants with love: picking caterpillars off kale

with such devotion
one by one
you kill those baby caterpillars

pic and poem by rachel mcalpine cc by 2.0
Daily Prompt from The Daily Post: Tend