Meet the spammers


Subliminal itch or apron
on the clean-cut kid next door.
Today’s extreme identities
from the bank of spam:

Martina Manning
Millard Miner
Millie Maudie
Nicky Nelson
Quinn Wilcox
Sherry Schulz
Solemner G. Subcutaneous
and Wendel Kovalchak.

I am not making this up.
Shall I invite them to tea?


Rachel McAlpine

Stuff in a blog


Let’s not pretend
that stuff in a blog
is poetry.

A blog is a diary
upside down, a silo
where notions wait
for processing
or better times.

Crammed tight
they twitch
in the dark.
They long to sprout
and see the light.

Let’s spill them out
and set them free.
At worst the birds
will feast.

– – –

Rachel McAlpine

Senior poems in an ebook


Do you get sick and tired of being drip-fed poems, one per day? Would you like to have a bunch on a single theme so you can pace yourself?

That’s easily fixed. Go straight to Amazon and get yourself all my Senior Poems in one ebook. You’ve read some of them here. You know they’re kind of fun and sometimes even wise. (Not sure how that happens, but the Muse works in mysterious ways.)

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